Our commitment

We distribute natural, sophisticate and high quality products

Our philosophy is based in the excellence of the quality

Maintain and preserve the origin of the product in his purify, his flavor and in all his naturalness

Our extra virgin olive oil “La Bella Española” born from the collaboration between Mt Inpulse, SL and the “Cooperativa Agricola de La Palma d’Ebre” (Farming Cooperative of La Palma d’Ebre), offering to our customers a high quality product market by the highest standards in the production of this awesome olive juice.
Our olive oil is classified in the highest category of the extra virgin olive oil, recognizing this excellence with the awards of “the best olive oil SIURANA Designation of Origin” in the consecutive harvest 2011-2012-2013 and the best Spain arbequine oil with the awards “Romanic essence” in the harvest from 2006 2009 and 2014

The mark that distinguish us

Represents our efforts to offer the best

La Bella Española is the accomplished goal to honor our philosophy.

This olive oil overflows passion since his manufacturing in the oil press until the last trace of his exquisite design.

LThe effort put in this, makes us to be proud of “La Bella Española” that is a mark and an exclusive product of MT INPULSE, SL, therefore we are able to offer to our customers which is, undoubtedly, the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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